In complete harmony with the natural landscape, bathed in the rich Greek light, HOOGA in Mytikas Preveza was designed so that its visitors feel at home from the first moment.

The architectural study was done on three united plots, which based on design regulations had to be organized not only as three separate plots, but also as one unit.  In order to optimize the inclusion of all shapes in the plots, the design team followed an orthonormal design.

A water core is created in the central part, around which the rooms are placed. The complex of common areas (reception, bar, restaurants, etc.) is divided on both sides of the plot.

Inside we have a space where comfort is a prerequisite for a high-quality stay. It is observed a quiet design with large openings that serve the view from inside. All the furnishings have been made with built-in furniture and pressed cement mortars in order to achieve material continuity inside-out. 

The minimal design, the feeling of earth, stone and wood, the small ethnic touches, the presence of water and the Mediterranean plantings compose a very beautiful atmosphere where the abstract element fits harmoniously into the Greek countryside.




Mytikas, Preveza






Praxis Constructions


Thomas Zikos