Located in the picturesque village of Mitikas in Preveza, Greece, Batu Luxury Apartments has opened its doors in an enticing environment plunged into nature and sea, offering guests unparalleled comfort and discreet luxury. The idea for Batu was born out of a jumble of thoughts around the stately, timeless stone and the power that it gives to architecture.

The whole unit consists of 12 rooms that combine elements from ancient Nicopolis -the emblematic landmark of Preveza-, and Italian refinement with a sense of Tuscan style prevailing. The interiors reference the distinctive attributes of the local architecture, designed in warm, earthy tones with touches of green, natural materials, and custom-designed furniture.

An axis in the middle of the property defines the structure of the building, which is axially positioned in the center of the plot, maintaining absolute symmetry. The interiors are designed to reflect the surrounding area’s nature, with two swimming pools, placed equally symmetrically on the plot and in relation to the unit.

The stone walls on the exterior, in combination with the earth tones, the water of the pools and the nature that surrounds the plot, echo an overall calm atmosphere, which exudes luxury in its finest form. 

“Batu”, meaning “stone” in Malay, echos an overall calm atmosphere, exuding luxury in its finest form.




Mytikas, Preveza






Praxis Constructions


Thomas Zikos