Just to the heart of Patras, an old industrial building, is transformed into our new architectural office and exhibition space. The building has been there since 1910, starting as Agouridis’ distillery and later as the famous carpentry Karydis’ shop, until about 2005 when it stopped operating.

This building has full coverage and is a total of 136.42 sq.m. It is a ground floor and an open space with stone masonry and wooden roofs. The main goal of the architectural study and restoration of the building was the preservation of its basic structural elements and their natural accent through minimal interventions.

At the center of the space, stands a table, 4.5 meters long framed by two large trees. At the backside, there is the bathroom and the dining area. 

The philosophy of the office is based on the dynamic relationship between nature and architecture so it considered it challenging to “move” the garden inside. The two trees, with the natural light coming from the ceiling lights, enhance the sense of life.

Overall, it is a space where the work context takes on different forms every day, with the skylights on the ceiling to create a different, totally diffused lighting, throughout the day.


Office Renovation


Patras, Greece






Penny Theodosiou


Theodosiou Photography Film & Design