It is an old industrial building, in the center of Patras, which was redesigned to function as a silversmith’s workshop, focused on the effort to highlight the building’s industrial character.

For this reason, the pre-existing mosaic floor was preserved, as well as the old roof tiles, which were repaired and statically reinforced where necessary. All of the piping and electrical supplies were done with external installations on the walls.

It is an open plan space with a single long narrow wooden table in the center where all the educational seminars take place.

At the back of the space, there is the workshop’s main jewelry making and repair equipment. There is close contact to the backyard which acts supportively for some work.

A cement mortar technique reminiscent of old industry was chosen for the walls, while all accessories and furniture are painted black.

At the same time on the right side of the space, Kleomenis Kostopoulos created a mural.

The artwork is 5.5 meters high, and is a portrait of Maria Callas. The choice of the specific topic arose in an attempt to suggest that the work that will “dress up” the space will be a person who symbolizes beauty and aesthetics.




Patras, Greece






Iro Stalika